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Conference Calling

With our improvements in communication technology, it is possible to set up conference call and talk quite clearly with people in several continents. Polycom Soundstation conference phones are the acme of quality, allowing fully duplex (that means two people can speak at once) conversation. This way you can have a few people around a conference phone in a meeting room while allowing remote users to hook into the conversation via a conference call.

FlexTelONE Quick Facts

  • North American AccessRates Take advantage of our competetive pricing for participants originating from USA48, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii.
  • Global Access Rates Participants can join conferences from over 50 origination countries with no additional surcharges. The per minute rate varies depending on the origination country.
  • The Classic Conference This popular original version will handle up to 16 participant call legs at once.
  • Enhanced Conference has Dial Out feature adding domestic and international participants at any valid destination phone number.
  • No Operator Required Conferences are moderator initiated without using an operator or paying for high operator handled rates.
  • Available Any Time reservationless conference service is available 24 hours a day for on demand usage.
  • Corporate Support - Multiple Bridge Pins You may have simultaneous conferences by issuing separate bridge pins to all the people in your company.
  • WebMan™ Conference Notify Tool Schedule your own conference calls without reservations and notify all the participants simply and easily with Conference Notify Tool. Select the date and time and the participants and Conference Notify Tool does the rest.
  • Call Minimum and Billing Increment - All completed destination calling card calls have a one minute minimum billing with 6 second increments thereafter.
  • Daily Call Activity Report - You do not have to wait until your online bill is ready to see the calls you have made. Use WebManager Login to view your daily call detail.

Payphone surcharge

There is a 65¢ per origination payphone surcharge. If you call from a payphone in North America we must pass along the mandatory payphone surcharge. If you make several destination calls from a single origination dial in, you will have only a single surcharge. However, if you make 3 destination calls by originating and hanging up for each call you will have 3 surcharges.

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