No Need To Switch Long Distance

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Dial Around Long Distance

You do not need to switch long distance carriers to use a dialaround number and it can be used in many foreign countries as well to call home. FlexTelONE dialaround has very competitive International rates and can save you considerable sums.

Competitive Domestic and International Rates

Our North American origination calling card rates are very competitive. We have access numbers for USA48, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii.

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Automatic Access Code

Only from North America - When you dial into the calling card system from a registered phone number, the system will automatically recognize you and give you the dialing prompt.

Cell Phone Solution for International Calling

Take advantage of our great international rates from your cell phone. Making overseas calls is made painless when using the integrated Automatic Acces Code features.

Daily Call Activity Report

You do not have to wait until your online bill is ready to see the calls you have made. Use WebManager Login to view your daily call detail.

Call Minimum and Billing Increment

All completed destination calling card calls have a one minute minimum billing with 6 second increments thereafter.

WebManager Login Customer Self Provisioning Interface

Use Web Manager to manage your own registered lines and monitor usage.

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