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FlexTelOne Calling Card

What does this word 'keeping connected' means? It means staying in touch with others all the time. Whenever we think of being connected, the first thing comes in our mind is staying close to the ones we care about. However, this is not always possible. FlexTelONE calling card provide a inexpensive way to stay in touch when traveling.

North American to World

Our calling card rates from North America to the world are very competitive. We have access numbers for USA48, Canada, Alaska and Hawaii.


The per minute rate varies depending on the specific region within a country your are calling.

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No Physical Cards

No physical card is sent to you in the mail where it could be lost or stolen or opened by an unauthorized party.

Automatic Access Code Only from North America

When you dial into the calling card system from a registered phone number, the system will automatically enter your 14 digit calling card pin for you and give you the command prompt.

Corporate SupportMultiple Calling Card Pins

You may have simultaneous calling card pins on your account. Issue separate pins to all the people in your company and be able to track individual usage online. You are able to manage your own list of calling card pins

Cell Phone Solution for International Calling

Take advantage of our great international rates from your cell phone. Making overseas calls is made painless especially when using the integrated Automatic Acces Code and Speed Dialing features!

Daily Call Activity Report

You do not have to wait until your online bill is ready to see the calls you have made. Use WebManager Login to view your daily call detail

Call Minimum and Billing Increment

All completed destination calling card calls have a one minute minimum billing with 6 second increments thereafter.

Payphone surcharge

There is a 65¢ per origination payphone surcharge. If you call from a payphone in North America we must pass along the mandatory payphone surcharge. If you make several destination calls from a single origination dial in, you will have only a single surcharge. However, if you make 3 destination calls by originating and hanging up for each call you will have 3 surcharges.

WebManager Login

Customer Self Provisioning Interface Use Web Manager to manage your own calling pins and monitor usage.

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